A beauty can have a staring contest with nothing and win.

The Story

Sitting around in a cold hockey locker room after a late night beer league game, the GONGSHOW boys opened an imported beer, and asked each other why we couldn’t brew a good Canadian beer for after the games. A beer that was strong like a hockey player on the ice, yet smooth like a beauty off of it.

They decided to brew the World’s First Hockey Brew – Beauty Beer, the beer that can make you a Beauty again for a day, brewed right here in Ottawa, Canada with the spirit of hockey in mind. Cheers!

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The Secret Ingredients

All ingredients were hand-picked for a perfect brew.

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Our hops provide our fresh and crisp flavour that will take away the bitterness after a hard fought hockey game.



Hand picked Canadian Malted Barley provide an amazing base for this full contact lager.



We use the finest wheat from the Canadian Prairies, grown in the same fields that freeze over for pond hockey each winter.



Canadian clean and filtered water makes up our beer for the purest pint.



Using specialized yeast creates alcohol and carbonation – a match made in hockey heaven.



At 6.5%, it's strong like a hockey player and smooth as a saucer pass right on the tape.

The Gongshow factor

Genuine Canadian Hockey Beer made by a premium hockey lifestyle brand. The synergy is a match made in heaven.

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Please don't drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

Be a beauty. Be a designated driver. Arrive Alive.

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